Duplex Thermal Shipping & Packing Slip

Introducing duplexpackslip™*Thermal

The New Two-Sided Thermal Shipping Label/Packing Slip

Features & Benefits

• Eliminate the expensive and labor-intensive “Packing List Enclosed” pouch
• Stop customer complaints of no packing slip sent with order
• Increase accuracy with 100% shipping label & packing slip match
• Choose from two options: Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer OR Direct Thermal/ Direct Thermal
• Increase order throughput with more orders shipped by fewer employees with auto-application
• Reduce touches to order fulfillment
• Make handling for the distribution center and the recipient faster, simpler and easier
• Maintain one printer instead of two
• Decrease inventory of consumables necessary to ship boxes
(Thermal Duplex Packing Slip vs. 4×6 Shipping Label, Plastic Pouch, & Packing List)
• Go green with a smaller carbon footprint compared to other systems
• Lower your total system cost

Suggested Printers

LARGER VOLUME USERS: 500 or More Boxes Per Day – FOX IV TwinPrint with Applicator
• 6” x 8” maximum size label
• Top apply with 14” or 20” stroke options (labels are supplied in rolls)
• 5” core 16” max OD roll
• Up to 4,000 quantity per roll that weighs 47 lbs.
• P & A approximately 20 boxes per minute with no labor
• duplexpackslip™ label construction Direct Thermal (DT) over Thermal Transfer (TT)
• DT (no ribbon needed for shipping label) over TT (ribbon needed to image packing slip)
• Label paper (label stock before die cutting, press printing and converting) is an officially licensed material

LOWER VOLUME USERS: Less Than 500 Boxes Per Day – SATO GY412 Printer
• 5” x 8” maximum size label
• Hand or manual apply only (labels are supplied fan folded)
• duplexpackslip™ label construction Direct Thermal (DT) over Direct Thermal (DT)
• DT over DT, so no ribbon(s) needed
• Label paper (label stock before die cutting, press printing and converting) is an officially licensed material

*duplexpackslip™ is a registered trademark of Premier Print and Services Group, Inc. Patent information is available online at www.duplexpackslip.com

Duplex Shipping Label/Packing Slip for Laser printers

All in one, duplex printed, DUPLEX SHIPPING LABEL/PACKING LIST. This product is designed especially for mail order houses, distribution centers, e-commerce companies, and others who ship many single carton orders. This design is ideal for distribution centers who receive and re-ship merchandise in the same sealed carton, AS WELL AS those companies with a corporate mandate or desire for packing lists to be on the outside of each carton.

• Generated in a laser printer with duplex capabilities
• Saves costly labor
• Eliminates costly plastic pouch

• NO MIX UPS! One pass through the duplex printer generates the SHIPPING LABEL on the face stock and the PACKING LIST
on the back of the liner guarantees 100% label/packing list match.
• HUGE LABOR SAVINGS! One application securely affixes the DUPLEX SHIPPING LABEL/PACKING LIST to your carton or package cutting the
labor of applying them separately in half.
• NO PACKING LIST POUCH! Simple application process of removing liner and affixing completely eliminates the cost and hassle of packing list pouches.

1. Information is generated in a Duplexing Laser Printer.
2. After items are picked and packed, the DUPLEX SHIPPING LABEL/PACKING LIST is applied to the carton.
3. Addressee receives package and follows instructions on the label to remove Packing Slip:
a. Tear from left to right on zipper style perforations designated by a Duplexing Laser printer.
b. Tear center section along two vertical perforations at the left and the right.
c. Tear across top perforation REMOVING CENTER RECTANGLE SECTION. The Confidential Packing List which is on the backside is now revealed.