Pressure Seal Forms

The pressure seal unit (folder/sealer) folds the printed form and passes it through the sealing unit where all-steel rollers apply pressure activating the patented dry cohesive, forming a secure, “fiber-tear” tamper evident seal.  There are many reasons why both large and small organizations may want to take advantage of pressure seal technology for automating out-going mail preparation.

Simplified Processing, Streamlined Document Flow
• Compatible with high-speed laser printing systems
• One operation printing document content and address
• Pressure seal unit folds, seals & stacks tray-ready mail pieces

Reduced Labor Costs
• Automated mail preparation combines multiple steps into a single operation
• High speed reduces time spent on conventional envelope-based processing, even with automatic inserters

Less Material Usage and Waste, More Eco-Friendly
No need for separate envelopes
• Lower paper consumption means greater environmental responsibility.

Secure Document Mailing
• Simultaneous printing of document content and recipient address decreases potential breach of confidentiality caused by double or incorrect envelope insertions
• Pressure-activated cohesive sealing cannot be opened without producing tamper-evident fiber tear
• In-line systems integrate with certain HP laser printers to allow document exit directly into the pressure seal machine and emerge sealed

Improved Postal Processing
• Direct printing of the address and postal bar code eliminates readability issues associated with envelope windows

The Right Solution for a Variety of Applications
• Designed for easy changes between different fold configurations and form sizes
• Wide variety of available stock forms, custom form development, and document template conversion services, including, but not limited to:

Alumni Mailing
Class Schedules Fund Raising
Library Overdue Notices
Report Cards / Grade Reports
Tuition Statements
Interest Statements
Past Due Notices
Payroll Checks
PIN Notices
Premium notices
Term Notices
Certified mail notices
Jury Summons
License Plate stickers
Parking violation notices
Payroll Checks
Tax Notices/Bills/Receipts


Appointment Confirmations
Benefits summaries
Lab Billing
Lab Results
Patient Invoicing
Payroll Checks
Tax Forms
A/P checks
Purchase Order
Recall Notices
Requisition Forms


Backorder Notification
Order Confirmations
Warranty Certificates

Pressure Seal forms come in stock formats; in 50″ diameter rolls, as continuous fan folded forms, or as laser cut sheets. They can be customized by adding color, logos, or other graphics. A wide variety of folds and constructions are available; choose the fold that meets your objectives. Often, a single design may be used for multiple applications. Save on supplies by having your color logo and other graphics pre-printed on the forms. Illustrations of various fold configurations can be seen to the right..

Save on supplies by having your color logo and other graphics pre-printed on the forms.

Fold Types

Contact us for guidance in selecting from available stock forms or customizing a form to suit your application.

We offer a single point of contact that’s ready to stand behind the performance of both machines and forms.

11″ or 14″ depths, folded in thirds with equal size panels.

Ecc Z-Fold
11″ or 14″ depths, folded in thirds with unequal size panels.

V-Fold (Half Fold)
11″ depths cut sheet, often used for two-way postcard.

C-Fold & Ecc C-Fold(Letter Fold)
Available in either 11″ or 14″ depths, cut-sheet, continuous folded, and roll. Folded in thirds, equal or unequal panel sizes.

Double Parallel
11″ or 14″ depths, folded in fourths, equal or unequal panel sizes.

C-Fold (Return Envelope Fold)
Duplex printed to incorporate a full-sized top opening return envelope in the base form.

Z-Fold (Return Envelope)
Simplex print one full panel of data, with side opening return



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